Anaconda by Nicki Minaj

*phone rings*

Mike Check: KMCR Radio.

Raging_Demons: Why did you hang up on me Mike?

Mike Check: Well you made a request on the radio there feller.

Raging_Demons: *sigh* Look. For some odd reason you are involved in another issue with us but first let me get this out the way here and DO NOT HANG UP! Today’s song is going to be “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj. Okay?

Mike Check: Okay. *about to hang up the phone again*


Mike Check: What? Oh sorry there feller. Reflexes and all that.

Raging_Demons: Now then as I was saying. Besides your daughter owing us money that she stole. We may have accidentally sent you something by mistake.

Mike Check: Was it the pet zombie?

Raging_Demons: No Zombie Nathaniel was done on purpose. Did you get a CD to play for this Christmas which was the soundtrack for “We Wish You a Turtle Christmas?”

Mike Check: Yes we did and we played it as requested.

Raging_Demons: Well you weren’t supposed to get that CD Mike. Premier Blah sent it to you for no known reason. He said to the staff here at that he felt like he was possessed to send you that CD. Its his favorite Christmas CD of all time. Premier Blah’s willing to do anything in this instance Mike. He’s willing to forget what your daughter did by stealing money from us, he’s willing to help you get out of house arrest, and get you out of jail to be a free man again. Just send that CD back!

Mike Check: Let me tell my daughter about this! *hangs up the phone* I almost forgot to play that song he requested.

Mike Check: I…I. I’ll tell her later. This will be a two-boxer *grabs two boxes of Kleenex* I’m coming for you Ricki-whatever your name is!

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