With A Little Help From My Friends by Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band

Mick Foley: Well here’s the last song that I’m gonna play that’s related to the “F” word…”friend”. Ha ha ha. It’s “That’s What Friends Are For” here on…THE MACKER, BANG BANG!

Mike Check: That’s not…! That’s a Ringo Starr song! Why would you play that after you know darn well that I hate that hack of a drummer!

Mick Foley: No, it was a mistake. Honest. I told you that I was supposed…Mike! No!

Mike Check: (*Mike throws Foley’s whole box of CDs at the window not realizing that it was closed and breaks it*) Look what you did there feller! You broke my gawd darn windows again, just like you did years ago!

Foley: But Mike, that was you that just…but I’ll pay for the damage anyway…

Mike Check: Get out of my house!

Foley: Or should I send you a check?

Mike Check: I said, out!

Foley: What about our “bro-mance”?

Mike Check: Out!

Foley (*sadly*): Have a nice day (*Foley picks up his things and walks out*)

Mike Check: I have another “F” word for this…”Fascinating”!

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