Friends by Dragon Sound

Mick Foley: Hey Mikey. I was going to play us the theme tune to the TV show ‘Friends’ but I seemed to mixed up the CD collection that I brought over. But I do have this obscure song from an 80’s film “Miami Connection” about a rock band who fight a gang of ninja bikers, that you might like?

Mike Check: Whatever feller. This song can’t be any more worse than that film there.

Mike’s Daughter: (*runs into the room and smashes the CD with a sledgehammer*) Aggh! Stop playing that!

Mick Foley: Hey! What are you doing?

Mike Check: Darlin’, Rick here wasn’t playing any songs from that Turtle movie that drove you crazy before Christmas? This is from a different film.

Mike’s Daughter: I know. (*continues to smash CD with a sledgehammer*).

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