Wonderful Christmas Time by Henchman 21 and 24

Mike’s Daughter: Great holidays so far! Dad playing probably the worst CD of the holidays; nay the worst holiday season of all time! Satan, excuse me STAN, calls us singing us a Christmas Carol and say that he celebrates Christmas! I’m jinxing myself here but trying to say this in an ironic way so it won’t work but WHAT ELSE CAN HAPPEN NEXT?!?


Mike’s Daughter: Great! Let me see. LET ME SEE! Damn it I knew it! Its from Raging_Demons! He’s probably requesting for another damn “Venture Bros.” Christmas song!

Mike Check: Its not…Well what you said there darlin’. He’s requesting “Wonderful Christmas Time” the classic by Paul McCartney. Paul’s an okay guy next to John, George and of course that hack Ringo Star! Wait a minute. Its not by Paul. Who are…let me see here. Who are Henchman 21 and 24?

Mike’s Daughter: Who are HENCHMAN 21 AND 24?!? You played them a couple of years ago DAD!

Mike Check: I did? Well lets play them again here on…THE MACKER!

Mike’s Daughter: AUGH!


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