Christmas With The Devil by Spinal Tap

Mike Check: Weelll Fellers…

(*Phone rings*)

Mike’s Daughter: Oh no, not him again? I’ll put the phone on speaker. Hello KMCR?

Stan: Hello again…

Mike Check: Oh, “Santa The Tool Man”. You called again?

Stan: It’s “Stan The Evil Troll Lord”! Can’t you ever get names right?!

Mike Check: Well if you’re gonna be like that there feller then…

Stan: Sorry. Please excuse me for that outburst. But I was filled with so much Christmas joy after trolling you with awful Ninja Turtle songs and then hearing my song “Christmas Time In Hell” played here yesterday…and yes, I know the fact that I celebrate Christmas is “ironic” but it is celebrated a little differently where I come from. Oh speaking of that, I once possessed Spinal Tap to write a song called; “Christmas With The Devil”? So could I also possess you to play that?

Mike Check: Okay there feller. Is that all?

Stan: Yes. That’s all.

Mike Check: Well here’s “Christmas With The Devil” here on…CHRISTMAS CAROUSAL!

Stan: Oh, one more thing…

Mike’s Daughter: (*sigh*) What now?!

Stan: Since I enjoyed this so much, I think I might return and do this again for your anniversary in April. Or perhaps it will be for Halloween Hootenanny? But one thing’s for sure that in 2017: The Mike Check Show’s soul will be “possessed”! For I am: “Stan The Evil Troll Lord”!

Mike’s Daughter: Well I guess it can’t be much worse than Zombie Nathaniel or Sheriff Dickwell trying to kill us this year. So is that all?

Stan: Yes…have the happiest of holidays wherever you are….and oh, and worship the Devil!

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