Anything Can Happen on Halloween by Tim Curry

Mike’s Daughter: Dad, I still think that the power of music can still somehow rid of this Zombie Nerd Nathaniel. I mean, Matt Hardy’s Violin music gave him puke yesterday, so I think that we need something really awful.

Mike Check: Weeelll, I was hoping that it wouldn’t have to come to this but I think I may have a tune that I’ve been saving in the vault for such an emergency. This song, “Anything Can Happen on Halloween” by Tim Curry, will make anyone’s head explode, let me tell you. Now put on these ear muffs to protect your ears, and I urge you listeners to do the same, while I crank this tune up to eleven…here on THE MACKER!

Mike’s Daughter (*slowly takes off ear muffs*): Is it over?

Mike Check: What!? Oh, (*takes off ear muffs*) I hope…

Zombie Nathaniel! NO! NO! NO!–BRAINS! That’s the most terrible thing that I’ve ever heard–BRAINS. I don’t know what makes me angrier, that song or when the I.W.C. say that TNA: Total Non Stop Action Wrestling sucks?!–BRAINS! That’s it–BRAINS! (*Zombie Nathaniel tries to bash open his cage door*).

Mike’s Daughter (*panics*): Oh, crap.

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