Hollywood Halloween by Paul Broucek

Mike’s Daughter: Well I called one of my dad’s old friends to “run wild on you” Nathaniel. (*knock on the door) Oh here he comes now:

(*Hulk Hogan slowly walks in*)

Mike Check: Well if it ain’t my old friend Billy Ceps or is it “The Hulk” these days?

Hogan: No brother, it’s “The “Hulkster” man, I don’t want to get you sued by Marvel jack! The same way I sued those stupid little dudes from Gawker brother!

Mike Check: Well why are you dressed in black? Is this some Halloween costume feller?

Hogan: Well you know somethin’ Mean Mike, because it’s “Halloween Havoc” this month on The Mike Check Show brother, today it’s not about the Red and Yellow dude, but it’s all about the Black attack jack! And “Hollywood” Hogan is here because he’s gonna help you land a leg drop that big stinky Zombie problem brother!

Zombie Nathaniel: Oh boy! It’s Hollywood Hulk Hogan, BRAINS! I was a big fan you yours, especially during 2010-12 when you were in TNA, Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling with Eric Bischoff–BRAINS!

Hogan: Don’t remind me of TNA Zombie dude! That worst period of my life man, although not as bad as what I went through after what I said to my son Nick on the phone got out…grrr! Now you’re really making me mad brother! (*rips shirt*) Now whatcha gonna do when…

(*Dixie Carter bursts through the door*)

Dixie: Why hello there sugahs. I heard that little ole Hulkster was in the neighborhood and (*grabs Hogan by the legs*) please come back to TNA, I need you sugah! That Billy Corgan feller wants my company but he can’t run TNA like we did back in 2010, he just can’t sugah!

Hogan (*dragging Dixie while trying to walk out the door*): Oh no Dixie brother, I told you that I’m not going back jack. (*steps away from Dixie’s grasp and says to Mike Check*) Sorry Checkster brother, I don’t need this right now man, these big stinky Zombies are your problem now dude! (*walks out the door*)

Mike’s Daughter: (*sarcastically*) Great timing Dixie, thanks a lot!

Dixie: Oh my? What did little ole me do?

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