Zombie by The Cranberries

Mike’s Daughter: Well the day is finally here. Let’s see what in that damn box. (*Mike Check’s Daughter opens the box slowly*) AAAHHH!!! What’s that!

Mike Check: I’m not sure but there’s a note just inside the top flap.

Mike’s Daughter: (*Quickly grabs the letter and reads it*) “From Premier Blah: Meet your new co-host for this year’s Halloween Hootenanny! Its Zombie–”

Zombie Nathaniel (trying to escape from the box): NATHANIEL! Boy-Oh–Brai–

Mike Check’s Daughter (*grabs the top and shuts it on Zombie Nathaniel): You’ve got to be kidding me! Help! HELP!!!

Mike Check: Fascinating. Well we all know a song about that…here’s “Zombie” by The Cranberries here on…HALLOWEEN HOOTENANNY!!

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