Thriller by Michael Jackson

Mike Check: Darlin’! How could you!?!

Mike Check’s Daughter: What?! You’re gonna believe that dweeb dad?!? Raging_Demons has hated me for a long time and he’ll come up with whatever bull he can to hurt us Dad!

Mike Check: Another reason why women should not be in radio because somehow money from the radio station ends up in their hands and they’ll spend it on that-that “girly stuff”

Mike Check’s Daughter: Come On DAD!!

*A knock on the door*

Mike Check: I’m a comin’! *opens the door* Hello there feller.

Delivery Man: I have a couple of packages for a…Mike Check?

Mike Check: That’ll be me.

Delivery Man: Sign here. *Mike Check signs a few papers* Okay bring it in! *The Delivery Man gives Mike Check an envelope and brings in a giant box that seems to be mysteriously moving on its own. The Delivery Man places the box in the middle of the living room. The box moves.*

Mike Check’s Daughter: AAHH!

Mike Check: What’s that box for feller?

Delivery Man: How shall I know? It came from a place called “ HQ” We got paid extra to deliver that thing and I’m glad that we got rid of it because quite frankly that–whatever it is-scared the hell out of me!

*The Delivery Man leaves as Mike Check opens the letter and in it contains an USB Drive and a short letter*

Mike Check (holding the USB Drive): What the heck’s this thing?

Mike Check’s Daughter: Its a USB Drive Dad.

Mike Check (reads the letter): Play “Thriller by Michael Jackson”, and tomorrow, play the video. *Puts letter down* Well all right here’s “Thriller” by Michael Jackson here on…HALLOWEEN HOOTENANNY!

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