It’s Tricky by Run DMC

Mike Check: Well there. Did I ever tell you fellers about the time I worked the Las Vegas market? Well my partner and I at the time were doing a magician gimmick at KTRK: “TRICK 96”. I was working under the name “Magic Mike…

*Mike’s Daughter laughs*

Mike Check: What’s so funny about the name “Magic Mike”?

Mike’s Daughter: Nothing. Carry on dad (*still snickering*).

Mike Check: Er anyway. I was “Magic” Mike Penn, my partner was Forch N. Teller. We were “The Amazing Penn and Teller Magic Show”. We performed all sorts of tricks on our progrem like; sawing a filly in half, pulling a rabbit out of my cowboy hat, etc.

Mike’s Daughter: Wait how did you do a magic show over the radio when no one would have been able to even see you perform the tricks?

Mike Check: Weeelll er, we didn’t actually perform the tricks. Since Forch and I were not in fact real magicians, we just pretended that we did. Anyway, a couple of other fellers who were calling themselves “Penn and Teller” were were very furious because they thought we ripped off their names, but we had them first let me tell you. Anyway, the fat one, I don’t believe the short feller said very much, called the show and accused our progream of being…I can’t say the actual word that they used but it’s initials are B.S.. Since then, the only real magic trick we did was making our ratings disappear. So after losing my job and then foolishly gambling all my money at the craps table, ole Mike then had to find alternate work in Vegas.

Mike’s Daughter (*sarcastically*): So (*does air quotes*) “Magic Mike”, did you then go into…”stripping”?

Mike Check: Weeelll…”It’s tricky”.

Mike’s Daughter: Huh?!?!


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