Swingin’ by John Anderson

Mike Check: I have to get ready for today’s Olympic song here. Got to show the loyalty for the good ole U.S.A. Oh I almost forgot! RJ & Brad are on, let me get that their doohickey there.

*Mike Check grabs the “pirated broadcast” of Wrestlecrap Radio and gets to the part where Blade continues to rant on “Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of The Clones.”*

Mike Check: Oh dear god! That’s not the way to create great radio. I got to save the show once again here.

*While Mike Check calls in on today’s episode of Wrestlecrap Radio, Mike Check’s daughter leaves her room in a groggy state*

Mike Check’s Daughter: What is going on here with all the nerd fighting I hear for no good reason? I haven’t heard this much complaining since that one nerd wanted to pay me in those Exodia whatever to sleep with me. He said there were worth a lot of money. Yeah right!

Mike Check (on the phone): My daughter made those, and I’m not sure if I ever told you about that. She’s kinda a whiz kid, she did that on the computer.

Mike Check’s Daughter: Dad’s talking about me again? Hate to brag with all the Master’s degrees that I have. Let me just snoop in here…

Mike Check (on the phone): I like–I like to think that’s an added feature that she put in–

Mike Check’s Daughter (whispering to herself): Added feature?

Mike Check (on the phone): WELL look at Brad at being so smart. Of course that’s why she did it Brad!

Mike Check’s Daughter (whispering to herself): Oh no! *groaning* Dad’s calling in to RD Reynolds & Blade Braxton again! Why tell me why is he keep calling in to those two?!? Like I need Blade to call me a whore for the millionth time. Time to go grab some food.

*Few minutes went by while Mike Check’s Daughter went into the kitchen and back to get some food*

Mike Check (On the phone): I called my show “The Raleigh Fingers Afternoon Mustache Ride”

Mike Check’s Daughter (in shock): What the–?!?

Mike Check (on the phone): Sadly that-uh that didn’t last. Apparently that term is-uh something some can consider offensive. I’m not aware of that particular reference there.

Mike Check’s Daughter (Whispering to herself): Yeah right! Especially after everybody saw you doing it with that British chick.

Mike Check (On the phone): There was also uh-uh Rollie Fingers that’s who I guess is a pitcher. He sent the station a cease and desist letter…Not sure I understand that particular reference there Brad.

Mike Check’s Daughter (Whispering to herself): OK time to go back to my room. Too much more stuff that’s being added to the stuff of nightmares.

*Mike Check’s Daughter returns back to her room for a good night sleep*

Mike Check (on the phone): On that note-uh. I think we need to a little baseball tie-in there this week. Those guys out there they got there baseball bats like John Anderson. HE’S JUST A SWINGIN’ HERE ON THE WACKER!!!

Mike Check: Another show saved with enough time to get today’s Olympic song ready.

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