Cambodia by Kim Wilde

Mike Check: This is KMCR and that was “Cambodia”. A song by that fine Cambodian filly; Taylor Wilde from…was it T and A?

Mike’s Daughter: No. TNA. You were the one of the longest running correspondents for that on Wrestlecrap Radio remember? And again, it’s “Kim Wilde” who sings this, who’s English. And by the way, I think you’re also confusing Cambodia with Canada, for some reason, because Taylor Wilde is Canadian.

Mike Check: Ah shucks, you’re right there my precious petunia. Ole Mike’s head doesn’t work too well these days.

Mike’s Daughter: (*chuckles*) Well you might be in luck, you know that she retired from wrestling 4 years ago to study psychology?

Mike Check: Well there, that Canadian filly can study ole Mike’s “head” anytime, let me tell you.

Mike’s Daughter: Eeewww!

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