Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi by Celine Dion

Mike Check: Here’s Celine Dion with the song that she sang for Switzerland at the 1988 Eurovision song contest that launched her career.

Mike’s Daughter: Really? I thought that she’s Canadian?

Mike Check: I’m not quite sure how the whole thing works? But anyway, this was also the theme to that new film the Titanic.

Mike’s Daughter: No dad, it’s not.

Mike Check: But she’s on a ship in the film clip…but I guess that’s it’s not in fact the same one that tragically hit that iceberg.

Mike’s Daughter: No. The only “hit” that was “tragic” was “My Heart Will Go On”. *shudders*.

Mike Check: I’m not quite sure that I understand that particular reference there?

(*Mike stares at the phone*)

Mike’s daughter: What’s wrong dad?

Mike Check: It feels strange. We’ve been speaking of “ships” and that Happy Hawkeye feller hasn’t tried to call to harrass ole Mike yet?

Mike’s daughter: Uh? Should we call him then?

Mike Check: No.


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