Azucar Moreno by Bandido

*phone rings*

Mike Check: Oh, the phone again…

Mike’s Daughter: No dad, let the machine get it.

(Voice of) R.V.M Kai: (*beep*) Hello Mike, I got a little carried away a couple of weeks ago because that THIS IS YOUR LIFE debacle put me in a bad mood. But after hearing my rant, my boss Premier Blah has become aware of an issue concerning your accounting and will be looking into that shortly. So I suggest that you make sure that you don’t screw up anymore or, like Raging_Demons even told you, there’ll be consequences. Oh, one more thing, since The Eurovision Song Contest is happening today, can you play a song from a past show? See ya. (*beep*)

Mike Check: I’m glad to feller. Well speaking of “not screwing up”, here’s the perfect song for you here on…THE MACKER!

Mike Check: I hope that Austrian feller isn’t mad again, but that screw up in the song was not my fault, let me tell you.

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