Be A Clown by Judy Garland

Foley: I’m terribly sorry Mike, I guess one of my other alter-egos ruined last night for you…again. I hope your jaw is feeling better today?

Mike Check: To say ole Mike is frowning would be an understatement there feller!

Foley: Well I might have the reputation of being a little thrifty, but how about on behalf of myself and “Dude Love”, I reimburse you for your broken windows and that mattress with interest. Oh and speaking of turning that frown upside down, this is long overdue, how about today ole Mikey bring you out some “female” entertainment. And this this young lady really wants to see you bad. She can do a trick with a dog that you won’t believe.

Mike Check: Well finally, now that really sounds good there feller. So which pretty filly do you have in mind?


Foley: Well Mike say hello to YURPLE THE CLOWN!

Mike Check: Aghh! Mick you fool! Didn’t you know that ole Mike’s terrified of clowns!

Foley: But all the world loves a clown Mike?

Mike Check: Not me feller! Keep her away from me!

Yurple: Hello Mikey, don’t be scared. I’ve come here to make you feel better. I have some balloons and some stickers for you…

Foley: See Mike, Yurple’s not here to scare you but to sing you a Judy Garland song to get over your sorrows and fears and to cheer you up. Hit it Yurple:

Yurple: “Be a Clown, Be A…

Mike Check: No! Stop it! (*Mike clutches chest*) Agh! I think ole Mike’s having a heart attack!

Foley: Ah…medic!

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