I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince

Foley: Well it seems that Mike Check’s son, Harry Dickwell is no longer with us after that C-4 explosion…

…(*record scratch sound effect*) so I guess that mess is over?

Ringo: Not so fast. Whilst I didn’t agree with the revenge tactics attempted by that mad copper Harry Dickwell. Where I come from, England, the use of guns are frowned upon. But it doesn’t change the fact that I still detest Mike Check and still have a score to settle with that old geezer. So right here and now, why don’t we let’s settle this the old fashioned way…Mano-e-mano.

Foley: What? So you’re going to fist fight an old man?

Mike Check: Don’t worry there Rick. Did I ever tell you about the time ole Mike was a Golden Gloves boxer back in the 40’s. My ring-name was “Iron” Mike Check, but I think another boxer later stole my nickname…but anyway, if it’s a fight this feller wants then it’s a fight he gets!

Foley: Ah but before that, I think it might be a good idea if we clear away those C-4 bombs and barbed-wire from that wrestling ring that I set up?

Ringo: Oh yes, very well.

(*several minutes later*)

Ringo: Now that’s done, stop your stalling and put up your dukes Mike…

marktysonmcs(*Iron “Mark” Tyson barges through the door*)

Iron “Mark” Tyson: Heyyy, er, I was just looking through the window and sensed some egregious tension in the room.

Ringo: What now!? And who the heck are you?

Iron “Mark” Tyson: My name is Iron “Mark” Tyson and I was just in the neighborhood because I was curious to see The That’s Your Life Show because Check Mike’s THE MAN! So are you guys playing wrestling today? If you are, can I be The Rock? He’s a magnificent wrestler and movie star.

Foley: (*laughing and not taking Mark seriously*) Yeah sure, we can be the “Rock n’ Sock Connection” and that big-nosed guy wants to be Triple H.

Ringo: So now this pathetic Mike Tyson impersonator wants to play fight with me? I think I can beat him also?

Iron “Mark” Tyson (*to Ringo*): That’s ludicrous! And it’s preposterous that you want to be Triple H when he was defeated by The Rock’s cousin Roman Regins, who like The Rock, was cheered by everybody at “Wrestlemania Star”. And another thing; my name’s not Mike, it’s Mark you Jabroni!

Ringo: What in the heck is a Jabr…?

(*Mark Tyson knocks out Ringo with the Rock Bottom and Foley counts the pinfall*).

Iron “Mark” Tyson: I won, I won in 6 seconds! Just like how The Rock beat Erick Rowan at Wrestlemania! If ya smeeeeeellllll what “The Mark” is cooking!

Mike Check: Why thank ya there feller. But I don’t smell anything?

Iron “Mark” Tyson: That’s okay M…oh no! I better find John Cena before The Wyatt Family beats me up. (Mark Tyson runs out the door*)

Foley: (*sigh*) What a “MARK”?

(Note: Click Here if video is blocked in your market)

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