Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley / I’m a Lonesome Fugitive by Merle Haggard

Foley: So you…sorry I shouldn’t use “pro-nouns”…”Sheriff Harry Dickwell” arrested Mike Check and he later escaped from Prison?

Dickwell: The following information was provided in September 2012 by a man, who identified himself as “Raging Demons” from Wrestlecrapradio.com. He was also in the Sacramento area on the lookout for Mr. Check or else, he claimed, someone called ‘Premier Blah” was going to send a Zombie to eat his brains if he didn’t. I’m not sure if he was some sort of a fruitcake? But he was my only hope in finding Mike. He also told me that after he unsuccessfully trying to organize meetings with the warden at Folsom, he spoke to a prisoner who told him about a fellow inmate that fit Mike’s description, called “Al Catraz”, who was allowed some luxuries like making the morning announcements each day. He also eventually turned the intercom system into his own radio station calling it “KBRK, The Breakout”.

Mike Check: Hold on there feller, what you just said is untrue. The truth is…my station was called; KFOL “The Fol”, my name was Freddy Lamb Chop with Mindy “Jelly” Roll on “Mint Jelly on the Lamb” and we used to play the “Jailhouse Rock” by Elvis there in…THE SLAMMER!

Foley: Ah Mike, that wasn’t actually supposed to be a cue for you to play a song right now? But any-who…so Sheriff, was Mike calling himself Freddy or Al?

Dickwell: What? No, Mike’s alias is not even important to the case here. What was important was the fact that this happened to take place around the time when a woman, who I have identified as your daughter, aka “Clarabelle”…

Mike’s Daughter: “Clarabelle” is NOT my name by the way. Another lie…

Dickwell: Well whatever your name is Maam, you and the warden were seen headed to Lake Natoma Inn. So myself and a police squad headed to the location where we apprehended the warden, but you were nowhere to be found. The warden confessed that you had promised him sexual favors to have Mr. Check released on a “prison transfer” and that he also embezzled prison money to pay for your “cosmetic procedure”. Apparently, Mike’s prison transfer was for him to appear at a Horror Convention in Indianapolis for Wrestlecrap Radio in July 7, 2012. I contacted the “Days of the Dead Convention” organizers but they informed me that he had already left. Mike had now escaped and I, at that point, had no idea of Mike’s or his daughter’s whereabouts? That was until two months later when “Raging Demons”, who I mentioned before and who I first bumped into at the Inn where I arrested the warden, informed me that Mike Check had emailed a man called “Angry Jim” from Norman, Oklahoma. A man who was also under suspicion by the police for selling illegal Mexican Fireworks and Sauces that failed several health violations. So we back-traced that the message, which was also published on his website, and found that it came from a computer from a Starbucks in Oklahoma along route 66…

Foley: Hold that thought, we’ll be back tomorrow for more on Mike as a “fugitive” right here on “Mike Check: This Is Your Life”!

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