I Fought The Law by The Clash

Foley: So Sheriff Harry Dickwell is it? How did your search for Mike Check for his unpaid child support payments begin?

Dickwell: Well Mick, the Sheriff’s Department had been looking for a suspect, who we identified as “John Smith”, who had many unpaid debts for several years. The suspect had been untraceable to us since he went under several different aliases and traveling around the country to places that where beyond our jurisdiction. Then in June 26, 2009, we received a tip-off from a man called John Thomas, who worked at “Chase Master Charge”, who told us about a man who he identified as “Mike the Czech” who owed them a large sum of money and that he was regularly calling an Internet Radio show known as Wrestlecrap Radio. So I listened to the most recent episode that Mr. Check appeared on and he revealed that he was doing a remote called the “Summer Sizzlin’ Splashin’ Spectacular” from a “local gun show” in Dalton, Georgia . So I arrived in the vicinity but had just missed Mr. Check who just left via helicopter to the Cedar Rapids Air Show. I then followed him, which led me to seeing him outside a fireworks factory talking on a nearby public phone. I almost caught Mike just as I witnessed an unidentified elderly English gentlemen handing him a cigar, which he lit and caused an explosion.

Foley: You would think that Mike wouldn’t have survived?

Dickwell: Well we presumed that Mr. Check was deceased and his body was untraceable due to the explosion. But that’s what we thought…

Mike’s Daughter: Wait. Who’s “We”???

Mike Check: Hush darlin’, the nice Sheriff is speaking and ole Mike wants to know what happens next. Go ahead feller.

Mike’s Daughter: You want to know what happens!? Dad, it’s about you! (*sigh*) Never-mind, what’s the point?!

Dickwell: Ah, so as I was saying, Mike was caught in the act after he called Wrestlecrap Radio again pretending to be using a device from the Trolla Company called a “Seancetrolla” and claiming that he was…this is laughable…”calling from the dead”. Needless to say, Mike “Fought The Law But The Law Won” and was brought into custody and served a life sentence at Folsom Prison where he remained…until his escape.

Foley: Wow, this is a real interesting story, but we’ve of of time we’ll hear about Mike’s Prison stint tomorrow on “Mike Check: This Is Your Life”.

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