We Are 138 by The Misfits

Foley: Are you ready to meet your next guest Mike? Do you remember this voice?

??? I’m the slasher, the slicer, the dicer, the ripper, the shredder, the love taker, the honey shaker, the money maker, the equal opportunity destroyer and the money shot deployer!

Mike Check: I’m not sure, but it sure sounds like that you somehow invented a time-machine and brought back a young Mike Check, let me tell you.

bladewcrFoley: Well, we had his partner in crime from Wrestlecrap.com, RD Reynolds, on earlier in the month, so here’s the Jerry Only to his Glen Danzig, Mr. Blade Braxton!

Blade: Thanks, it’s great to be here. So ya doin’ you old dawg?

Mike Check: Well this show hasn’t been going so well there Brad. This is just like the time…did I ever tell you fellers about the time I worked my first ever market with my mentor Walter Cronkite? He was a good man who’s no longer with us…

Blade: I didn’t know he was sick?

(*Insert Krankor laugh track*)

Mike Check: I’m not sure I that understand that particular reference there Brad? Walt…

Blade: Mike, Mike, shut up about your stupid markets or whatever. I’ve brought in some Cheetos potato chips for us to taste test, wanna try one first Mick?

(*SIX hours later*)

Foley: Well those chips were okay but were a little salty.

Blade: Speaking of “salty”, do you know what my friend Don…Don Mason used to do to get rid of that salty taste when he used to go down on a girl…?

(*Wrestlecrap Radio outro plays*)

Blade: You know I heard that gal’s now pregnant. You know what that means…?

(*Wrestlecrap Radio outro plays again*)

Foley: No, but I think we’re out of time Blade…?

Blade: Oh, oh, time out, real quick. Do we have time for a Haiku? Surely…

Foley: Don’t call me Shirley. But yes.


Blade: (*laughs uncontrollably and then coughs uncontrollably*). But seriously. Here’s 17 syllables, in honor of Mike Check. The most fu…sorry I can’t curse on this show, the most flim flam worst TNA Correspondent we ever had on Wrestlecrap Radio. But at least like me he’s “all about the clam”.

Mike on The Whacker,
Segments took six hours long,
Felt “One thirty eight”.


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