A Spoonful Of Sugar by Julie Andrews

Foley: Our next guest is a woman that I used for work for. And, I’m not sure if you know her but she’s been on Twitter begging me to be on this show. So without further ado, do you know this voice?

??? Oh my, you’re making me blush there sugah.

Mike Check: I don’t know? That actress; Vivien Leigh?

Foley: No, it’s my former boss and TNA President: Dixie Carter.

dixieDixie: Well hello there sugah. It’s little ole me Dixie and I just love the music that you play Mike and just could wait to be on your show, sugah.

Mike Check: You’re that pretty southern belle who requested those songs, with the word “sugar” in the title, for “Love On The Ropes Month” last year. I remember hoping that you looked as sexy as Sheena Easton from the song “Sugar Walls”.

Dixie: Oh my, you’re making me blush, Sugah. I think that you should work for me and my daddy, Colonel Bob, as an announcer for Impact Wrestling on POP TV. I think we could create some Mike Check action figures that my 40-year-old virgin TNA fans can play with. Are your listeners 40-year-old virgins Mike?

Foley: Well I’m thinking anyone that’s been following Mike and I lately probably don’t go out on “too many dates”. 🙂

Mike Check: I’m not sure that I understand that particular reference there Mick? But Daisy, I’m flattered by that offer although I don’t think that I’ve seen your wrestling shows there?

Foley: But Mike, I was doing some research on you on Wrestlecrapradio.com (…cheap plug), it says that you were a TNA Correspondent for Wrestlecrap Radio? So you must…

Mike Check: I still don’t know what you’re talking about there Rick? But what I do understand is that Daisy, you’re one pretty filly. If you weren’t married, ole Mike would’ve given you a “spoonful of sugar” let me tell you.

Dixie: Oh my, you’re making me blush again…(*screams*) Please Serg no!

(*Dixie’s husband Serg runs up to Mike Check, cleans his clock like in this video, and walks away*)

Dixie: Oh my, sorry about that Mike, that was my husband Serg and he gets a little jealous of little ole me talking to other fellers. Perhaps you need a “spoonful of sugah” to fix that boo-boo, sugah?

Mike Check: (*covering his eye with hand*) Ouch…I don’t think that feller of yours would be too happy about that?

Foley: I think she’s talking about “actual” sugar Mike.

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