Yellow Submarine by The Beatles

Foley: Hopefully today’s guest will lighten the mood since he was one of my favorite cartoon characters growing up. So Mike, do you recognize this voice?

???: (Gay Popeye’s theme music plays*) Aw gyuk gyuk gyuk! Well blow me…………………………

Mike Check: Oh no, You didn’t get this “Happy Hawkeye” feller did you? This feller stalks and harasses ole Mike on the phone constantly!


Foley: No. Our guest is Popeye. No actually, “Gay Popeye”. I never knew that you came out of the closet Mr. Popeye?

Gay Popeye: …………………DOWN! Ah gyuk gyuk gyuk! Oh yes therez, I’ve even been in and out of the back door for many yearz. You knowz Mick, I used to enjoy watching yez wrestle on the mat with other oil’d up fellerz and I waz a big fan of yer rugged good lookz because yez were so BIG…AND BURLY and reminded me of Bluto.

Foley: I guess I’m flattered there Mr. Popeye. But, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but (*laughs*) my wife Collette wouldn’t be to trilled with that idea.

Gay Popeye: That’s too badz…Because, just likez with Mike, I’ve always dreamed about stroking his long, stiff, hairy…beard, ever since when wez first met at the Wrestlecrap Radio Roast?

Mike Check: (*face-palms*) If I knew that you were gonna harass me on the telephone ever since I would have never given you my number feller? And you still haven’t done that “job” with your “hands” or whatever it was that you promised you’d help ole Mike with around the house?

Gay Popeye: Oh yez Mike, say it slow. But anywayz, I don’t meanz to leave yez out Mike because this is yer show, but is Ringo here?

Ringo: (*walks in*) Did someone request me?

Gay Popeye: Yez Ringo. I wanted to ask yez; do you still smoke fagz?

Mike Check: Now that language is not appropriate there feller, even if it is about Ringo.

Foley: No, I believe he was referring to what they call “cigarettes” in England.

Ringo: (*laughs*) No, I gave them up years ago.

Gay Popeye: Well not me, I still smokez a pipe whenz I’m out at sea surrounded by sea men. But I wantz to tell yez that I lovez that Beatles song that you sang calledz “Yellow Submarine”.

Ringo: Why thank you. Now here’s a bloke that appreciates talent.

Gay Popeye: I’d like yez to sing it to me. Sing it slow, while yez park yer “Yellow Submarine” behind my Boat’s “Brown Poop Deck” If yez knowz what I mean? Ah gyuk gyuk gyuk!

Ringo: Agh! Disgusting! I’m leaving Mick!

Foley: Get outta here Gay Popeye!

Mike Check: I tried to warn you fellers that there reference was not about cigarettes, let me tell you.

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