Wrestlemania Rap by Men On A Mission

Foley: Well I’m back RIGHT HERE in Folsom, and before I fly back to Dallas, Texas…again, it’s time to meet our third guest. Mike, Do you recognize this next voice?

???: Hello Mike, it’s your old buddy, your old pal here once again!

rd_mcsMike Check: It’s R.J. from WWCR: “THE WHACKER”!

Foley: Close. It’s RD Reynolds from Wrestlecrap.com

RD Reynolds: Thanks Mick. It’s a pleasure to be here and finally meet you in person. But why don’t you ever return my calls to appear on Wrestlecrap Radio for an interview?

Foley: Er…about that…well…oh…so RD, what’s your relationship with Mike?

RD Reynolds: Mike Check was an old radio D.J. that we pulled out of obscurity and had him, on the other end on the tin-can-and-string, on the longest ever episodic Podcast, Wrestlecrap Radio. A progrem that I host with, the “Mo” to my “Mabel”, Mr. Blade Braxton. Mike was at one time our TNA correspondent who barely ever gave us us any TNA news, since I don’t remember him Mick ever giving updates on your match with Sting at Lockdown or anything like that? But he did bore our 12 listeners to death by telling us stories, which felt “6 hours long”, concerning all the radio markets that he worked in.

Foley: Were there any favorite moments with Mike?

RD Reynolds: Having Mike on the show was always real strain to my ears and a stain to my voice…and I still don’t know how that was even possible? But he did provide some great moments like the time Jake Lloyd Jr from “The Phantom Menace” kicked Mike in the “jimmy” at a Star Wars convention and the time he blew up after lighting a cigar near a fireworks factory, but we later we found out that he faked his death. Good Times.

Mike Check: But those two particular moments that you mentioned there RJ were not in fact good times for ole Mike, let me tell you. Did I ever tell you fellers about the time…

Foley: Sorry Mike we don’t have time for that because it’s now time to steal your gimmick and play out with a song.

RD Reynolds: Oh and SPEAKING OF “songs”, if there was a part of Mike’s segments that I loved it’s when he’d make an obscure reference by playing out with a song. Well SPEAKING OF “obscure references”, which I normally do, and since today’s Wrestlemania Mick, I insist that you to play out with former Tag-Team Men On A Mission’s rap they did for Wrestlemania X:

Foley: Okay, well here’s Mo, Oscar and Mabel with the “Wrestlemania Rap” here on…”The Whacker” is it???

Foley: Oh and speaking of “Wrestlemaina”, that reminds me (*quickly stumbles out the door*).

RD Reynolds (*to Mike Check*): Ah, so does that mean Mick won’t be on my show?

Mike Check: I’m not sure I know RJ. But did I ever tell you about the time…

RD Reynolds (*interrupts*): Oh, speaking of the “time”, it’s time for me to run also (*RD runs out the door and speeds off in his car*).

Mike Check: Fascinating.

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