Football Rap by The Cast from “Wildcats”

Mike Check: Weeelll fellers. Mike Check understands that it’s just over a week away from the Superbowl, Superbowl 50 to be exact. Ole Mike remembers…did I ever tell you fellers about the time I worked the Los Angeles, California market around the time of the first ever Superbowl back in 1967? Except they didn’t refer to it as that yet, no, it was called “The First AFL-NFL World Championship Game”, and…

(*phone rings*)

Mike Check: Sorry to interrupt my story there fellers but the phone’s ringin’ again. (*picks up phone*) KMCR, Mike Check speaking?

unnamedWrestlecrap Fantasy Football Drag Queen:

(*singing in the tune of “I Hate Myself For Loving You” by Joan Jett and The Blackhearts*)
Football, Superbowl, next week on my TV.
My fantasy season sucked but I can guarantee,
That next Sunday’s pick will lead to victory.

Hey Jack, it’s a fact that it’s the sport of kings.
But I’m the Queen that will predict the right things.
Under my skirt, I wear my co…eh?…diamond rings.

Mike, I’m here to help before you play.
And “fascinating” is what you will say-iay-iay-iay.

The Wrestlecrap Fantasy Football Drag Queen.
They say my fantasy picks are really obscene.
I still stand up when I use the men’s latrine.
I’m the Wrestlecrap Fantasy Football Drag Queen.

Hey, you need a player for your fantasy Superbowl pick? Although all of my season picks sucked, I’m quite confident that you should choose Krucshinski from the “Wildcats”. No one else picked him so I snatched him right up.

(*re-commences singing*)
I’m a man in a dress, but I need no ass cream.
Unlike Gay Popeye, I don’t play for that team.
If next week’s pick don’t win, then I’m gonna scream!
I’m the Wrestlecrap Fantasy Football Drag Queen.
Ohhhhhh, Yeeaaaahhh! Wi-wi-wilcats! Ahhehahehahe!

(*phone hangs up*)

Mike Check: Fascinating. I’m not sure that I understand any of those references sung by that Ben Vereen sounding feller over there but…well at least it wasn’t that Happy Hawkeye feller, let me tell you. And I don’t think that a team called the “Wildcats” are in the Superbowl this year or even compete in the NFL for that matter? Anyway, here’s a song from the movie “Wildcats” here on…THE MACKER!

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