This Minute Now by Diahann Carroll

Mike Check: Did I ever tell you fellers about the time when ole Mike worked the Ithica, New York market as Bob Ali, with my old partner Cassius Weave, on “The Bob and Weave Morning Drive”? On one particular progrem in 1977, we discussed the first “Star Wars” film coming out at the movie palace. Now the kids these days are saying that the same film is “Episode 4”? I’m not sure that I understand that particular reference there. But what I do understand was that playing tunes by that sexy filly Diahann Carroll on the show sure made me randy, let me tell you. Oh yeah, ole Mike would sure like to “feel his creation” “This Minute Now”.

Mike’s Daughter: (*walks into the room*) Aghgh! DAD! Stop that! Eeewwww!

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