Tree Of Life by Carrie Fisher

Mike Check: Well fellers, “Christmas Carousal” is over and seeing that RJ and Brad on WWCR where talking about that new Star Trek…

Mike’s Daughter: Dad I told you, it’s “Star Wars”! Please, I don’t need to go through that Nimoy debacle again where those damn nerds got #cancelmikecheckshow trending on Twitter and also threatened to hack my Facebook! There’s certain pictures that I can’t afford to get leaked…er…never mind.

Mike Check: I’m not sure I understand that particular reference there, but since this new St…”Star Wars” movie is all the rage, here’s a few songs from their recent holiday special. Up first, here’s that pretty filly Carrie Fisher, who’s also quite the talented singer like her mother Debbie Reynolds (no relation to RJ?) let me tell you, with “Tree Of Life”, here on THE MACKER!

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