The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole

Mike Check (on the phone): “–by Jillian Hall here on The WHACKER!”

Mike Check’s Daughter: “What’s going on Dad?”

Mike Check: “Oh just calling in to WWCR to wish them a Merry Christmas and to talk about the time I started that radio station in the North Pole called NPOL, “North Pole 98″, where I worked as ‘Frosty Largerod’.”

Mike Check’s Daughter: “Looks like you’re still on the phone. Mind if I listen?”

[*Mike Check’s Daughter listened in to this week’s Episode of Wrestlecrap Radio*]

Mike Check’s Daughter: “Excuse me for a second.”

[*Mike Check’s Daughter steps out of the room for a second and comes back with a baseball bat*]

Mike Check’s Daughter: “I got to say something dad. If you ever, and I mean EVER, play any of Jillian Hall’s music again then I’ll do the following to you. [*Mike Check’s Daughter starts swinging the baseball bat and starts to destroy one of Mike Check’s headset destroying it to pieces. Pretty impressive for someone with at least 32M giant fake boobs*] Do we have an understanding dad?

Mike Check (gulps): Yes. Uh…how about I play “The Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole…Uh…Merry Christmas Fellers?

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