The Little Drummer Boy / Peace On Earth by The Monarch and Doctor Girlfriend

Mike Check: Dang It! Darlin’ did you see my copy of “The Little Drummer Boy?”

Mike Check’s Daughter: Can’t say that I have. Why?

Mike Check: I got a request to play the song but I can’t seem to find to my copy of it.

Mike Check’s Daughter: I got time before check-in sure. *Computer voice effect: “YOU GOT MAIL!”* Let me check the computer…Oh dear god not him!

Mike Check: That “Happy Hawkeye” feller again?

Mike Check’s Daughter: Worse. Our boss Raging_Demons made a request.

Mike Check We have a station manager?

Mike Check’s Daughter: I-I-I didn’t mean BOSS per say but he’s more of a “friend of a show” you can say. A friend I want FAR AWAY from me. Anyways he’s requesting Little Drummer Boy as well and conveniently enough he has the song attached to the e-mail.

Mike Check: How do you attached songs to that doohickey? I tried that once with normal mail but it cost extra per the postman.

Mike Check’s Daugher (sighs): I’ll just put this up so we don’t have to deal with him again.


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