Deck Of Cards by Wink Martindale

Happy’s Veteran’s Day Fellers! To celebrate the day let me tell you a story about one of the legends of radio; my ole’ radio partner Wink Martindale.

He’s a hell of a feller there in the radio business. We were together over there in WDXI in Jackson, Tennessee doing mornings back in the day. Now of course I didn’t use my natural name back when I was working there. I was Pink Lewisgale and we were doing mornings as “The Wink and Pink in the Stink Show”.

Wink was a hell of a guy that was, he was always kidding around. Heck when he left WDXI he made me laugh when he told me to “Go To Hell!” When I try to follow Wink over there to WHBQ. Heh-heh he told me that “If I show up there he’ll kill me”.

Aw he’s always such a card.


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