Monster’s Holiday by Buck Owens

Mike Check (groaning): My head.

Mike Check’s Daughter (who finds the phone off the hook and puts it back on): Dad! What The Hell?!?

Mike Check: What? *grabs his head* Please don’t yell. Now what did I do this time?

Mike Check’s Daughter: I just heard this week’s episode of Wrestlecrap Radio and apparently you were on the show.

Mike Check: I was on WWCR? Your loosing your mind Darlin’. I didn’t call RJ and Brad.

Mike Check’s Daughter: Well it looks like you drunk called them. You were on the show and it seemed like you were blitzed out of your mind! You were barely speaking, you went ranting about–once again since I keep hearing this over and over again–on how women are not supposed to be in radio, demanding royalty checks on how Stan The Evil Troll King stole your catch phrase–

Mike Check: Now who in God’s Name is…what is it…Stan The Evil Troll King? What is a Troll King anyways?

Mike Check’s Daughter: Its Satan dad. The guy that tried to take over KMCR some time ago, he changed his name legally to “Stan The Evil Troll King”.

Mike Check: Dear God it sounds like I walked into a hornet’s nest there. I hope I didn’t sound like a fool while I was on the air with RJ and Brad.

Mike Check’s Daughter: Well you did talk about the time you were on WTCH out there is Salem, Massachusetts.

Mike Check (groans): I talked about that?!? Darlin’ I played many markets throughout the years and I know what plays well in that market but when I was Johnny Boo over there I wasn’t too proud of what happened there. First of all being forced to partner with that weird Anne B Love, who did not listen to my advice about changing her name like ole Mike Check does and then second being a woman in the radio business which is a bad idea in the first place; then I tried to fix everything with my name for our show “Afternoon Delight with Boo B Love”–

*Mike Check’s Daughter groans out loud as if she heard something very insulting*

Mike Check: If it weren’t for those feminists I would still be on the air. Truly one of my rare disappointments there Darlin’. *Sees “Monster’s Holiday” by Buck Owens laying on the turnbuckle* Now what’s this doing out here?

Mike Check’s Daughter: Uh…Dad? You played it for them.

Mike Check: Damn it all! That was supposed to be for next year’s “Halloween Hootenanny” now that its done with for this year! Well it looks like ole Mike Check did something that didn’t play well in this market…again.

Mike Check’s Daughter: Well you did one thing that was good during your little “episode”.

Mike Check: What’s that?

Mike Check’s Daughter: You complemented me on my computer skills. *kisses Mike Check on the head* Thanks Dad and by the way no more bacon and whiskey for a week after that stunt.

Mike Check: Damn it Darlin’! Well I might as well play this since it sounds like I already played it on WWCR. Here’s “Monster’s Holiday” by Buck Owens here on…THE MACKER!

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