Nightmare by Tuesday Knight

…Vince McMahon: (*lights match outside Mike Check’s House*) YOU’RRRRRRRRRRRRE FIRED! (*throws it at Mike*)…

(*Mike Check wakes up suddenly*)

Mike Check: Agh! Fire! Help!

Mike’s Daughter: What’s wrong dad?!

Mike Check: I think I had a nightmare about that McManus feller from the WWWF trying to light me on fire, and you know how your ole man is afraid of fire! And that was after I dreamed that you dreamed that The Boogeyman spent the whole week outside our house where he body-slammed me, put worms in my mouth and danced?…

Mike’s Daughter: Uh Okay dad? That sounds like a crazy dream. But don’t worry, there hasn’t been any fires or “Boogeymen” around here. Actually it’s funny, you dozed off just after we played The Boogeyman’s theme song from WWE, just to prove that there were no imaginary “boogeymen” or videos being summoned. And you have been asleep on the sofa for practically a week? I guess it was those six weeks of paranoia that got you so tired?

Mike Check: Fascinating. So that whole Boogeyman ballyhoo was just one big “nightmare”?

Mike’s Daughter: Yeah, I guess so?

Mike Check: Well speaking of that, here’s a song from one of, the late, Wes Craven’s “Nightmare on Elm Street” films, It’s “Nightmare” by Tuesday Knight here on…THE MACKER!

The Boogeyman: (*lurking somewhere in the shadows*) BWAHAHAHAHA! I’M THE BOOGEYMAN! AND I’M COMIN’ TO GET YA! BWAHAHAHAHA! (*shuffles away and the scene fades to black*)….



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  1. Huh? So the whole Boogeyman saga was Mike Check having a nightmare about another nightmare???

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