Boogeyman by Motörhead

Mike Check: Oh no, is that Boogeyman feller still out there?

Mike’s Daughter: Yes and now he’s digging up the garden looking for worms…EWWW! (*almost vomiting*) Now he’s eating them! That’s disgusting! Dad, we have to get rid of this guy, maybe we should call the police?!

Mike Check: No no, we don’t need the police visiting here again.

(*knock on the door*)

Mike’s Daughter: You get it this time.

Mike Check: (*opens door*) Listen feller, agghh…(*gagging after The Boogeyman shoves a handful of those worms in Mike’s mouth*).

The Boogeyman: You can’t boogie with the Boogeyman. Bwhahahhaha! Bwhahahhaha! I’M THE BOOGEYMAN & I’M COMING TO GET YOU! Bwhahahhaha! Bwhahahhaha!

(*closes door*)

Mike’s Daughter: Eww! Grosse! He just shoved a handful of those worms in your mouth! This guy must be nuts?

Mike Check: (*coughing*) I guess that feller ran out of alarm clocks to break. (*cough*).

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