Bogey Man by The John Entwistle Band

Mike’s Daughter: What’s wrong now dad?!

Mike Check: Apparently “The Boogeyman” is outside. I’m not quite sure what this scary looking feller wants but he won’t seem to go away?

(*knock at the door*)

Mike’s Daughter: (*sigh*) Oh will you stop it with this Boogeyman stuff Dad! I’m getting the door.

Mike Check: Don’t answer the door darlin’! He’s coming to get me!

Mike’s Daughter: Dad, this is just like last year when you were scared of those idiots dressed as clowns he’s just a…(*opens door*) AAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!

The Boogeyman: Bwahahahaha! (*singing*) The Boogeyman will get you, sure as night turns into day. The Boogeyman will get you, he’ll come and drag you away…(*Smashes large clock on head*) DAH! BWAHAHAHAHA!. I’M THE BOOGEYMAN! AND I’M COMIN’ TO GET YA! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Mike’s Daughter (*closes door*): What the hell was that?!

Mike Check: For once ole Mike’s lost for words?

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