Boogie Man by Aerosmith

Mike Check: For the last five weeks, ole Mike has been seeing these strange videos claiming that The Boogeyman is coming to get me every time I played songs with “Boogie” in the title. My daughter claims that they’re imaginary, since she doesn’t see them, and perhaps it’s one of those pesky Trick or Treating kids playing pranks on me? I think that maybe that she’s behind it all and is pretending not to see them all because she didn’t get her way with some of the song choices last year? Anyway, after playing “Boogie Man” by Aerosmith today, it seems that she was right all along, since there’s been no vid…


Mike Check: You see! There it is! He is real! I told ya!

Mike’s Daughter: Oh god now! Are you STILL seeing that damn Boogeyman video again?! Dad listen to me; there’s NO Boogeyman! He’s not coming because he doesn’t exist!

Mike Check: Yes he does, didn’t you see…

Mike’s Daughter: No dad! There have been no viral Boogeyman videos! Okay! You must be dreaming it? Look, I’ll prove it by playing The Boogeyman’s WWE theme song next week. And I assure you that he won’t “come to get you”.

Mike Check: I hope that you’re right there?


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