Kind Of A Drag by The Buckinghams

Mike Check: Weeell fellers, it seems that RJ and Brad bumped ole Mike Check from being on another episode of WWCR: THE WHACKER! Instead I hear that they debuted a new character who’s not a “manly man”, like say, ‘Olympic Gold Medalist’ Bruce Jenner. No. Apparently this new character is, let’s just say, “kind of a –

Mike’s Daughter: Dad. Of all people, you name “Caitlyn” as your example?

Mike Check: I’m not sure that I understand that particular Caitlyn reference there?

Mike’s Daughter: You never keep up with current events, even months after they happen, do you? It’s because…(*sigh*) don’t worry, it’s complicated.

Mike Check: Well all I know currently that it’s 23 minutes past the hour, and now here’s The Buckinghams with “Kind Of A Drag”…on THE MACKER!


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