Dirty Boots by Sonic Youth

Mike Check: Well fellers, t… (*phone rings*) Hold on there fellers…Hello, Mike Check speaking?

???: Aaagggghhh! Go dishonor yourself Premier Blah-san for phone-cut-off and hack-destroy Jimichiro Rosshu website Resucrapuadio! Never WWW.WRESTLECRAPRADIO.COM domain name you keep! Never! Fukya Selfu Robotics alway superior to inferior Trolla! Still Promise to get “Ace Attorney” Naruhodou-san to sue you! And then I kicka your assu!

Mike Check: Look here feller, I don’t quite understand who this Prime Minister Bra is that you’re angry with, but this is Mike Check here.

Jimichiro Rosshu: Agggh! Jimichiro wrong number type!…Wait, Mikeu Checku?! Think I remember name?! Hai, you were radio announcer worked once in Japan perhaps?

Mike Check: Well I did do a very…very…very…very short stint working the Yokohama, Japan market where I went under the name Johnny Hero, my radio colleague was Chin Shima and we were the “The Hero Shima Show”.

Jimichiro Rosshu: HERO SHIMA SHOW!? AAAAGGGHHH! It you Johnny Heru! Dirty boot wearing in house bakka also bring dishonor and shame for show get cancel! One day I find you and choppy choppy your p…..(*phone cuts-off*)

Mike Check: Well I’m not sure who that angry Japanese feller was? But he did remind me of that angry Chin Shima feller. I think I told you fellers about the time when he flipped his lid the day I accidentally wore my dirty boots in his house. Well speaking of that; here’s Sonic Youth’s song titled: “Dirty Boots”, here on…THE MACKER!


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