Chequered Love by Kim Wilde

Mike Check: Here’s song by that fine filly Taylor Wilde from that wrestling company…what was it called again?

Mike’s Daughter: TNA? Impact Wrestling? You know, like the thing you were the one of the longest running correspondents for on Wrestlecrap Radio? And it’s “Kim Wilde” singing this, not Taylor the former Knockout.

Mike Check: Well regardless, that “wild” filly should spend some time on The Mike Check Show being “tamed” with some “Chequered…or should I say; “Check-ered Love”, here on THE MACKER!

Mike’s Daughter: Oh and speaking of Wrestlecrap Radio dad, I hear a rumor that it’s coming back?

Mike Check: Really? Well maybe ole Mike needs to watch that TNA progrem on Destination America and call RJ and Brad to talk about about it just like old times (*winks*).

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