Don’t Cry by Asia

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! They mentioned us on the RD and Blade Show. Finally.

Mike Check: What’s this R.T. and Jade Show?

Mike’s Daughter: (*sigh*) You know; RJ and Brad? WWCR?

Mike Check: Oh heck, I thought they retired THE WHACKER years ago like that John Stewart and Dale Lettersen did with their shows recently?

Mike’s Daughter: Yes, but this is their spin-off show dad.

Mike Check: Well whatever it is, if I knew that they were still on I would’ve offered those fellers ole Mike’s gramophone to improve their audio.

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! Your crappy ancient recording equipment no longer works!

Mike Check: It works better than your whiz-bang thingamabobs of yours. All you’ve did with it lately is ruin that robot feller last month.

Mike’s Daughter: (*cries*)

Mike Check: Oh no no, I’m sorry for bringing that up my darlin’. “Don’t Cry”. Ah, while I console my daughter here’s Asia, as recorded on this new invention I have here called a Memorex cassette tape, here on…THE MACKER!


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