You’re My World by Cilla Black

Mike Check: Darlin’ I finally figured out how to work that Tweeter thing-ma-jig!

Mike Check’s Daughter: That’s great Dad!

Mike Check: Now all I gotta do is this and…Oh NO!

Mike Check’s Daughter: What Dad?

Mike Check: Cilla Black died.

Mike Check’s Daughter: Uh…who?

Mike Check: Cilla Black. She was a singer in my days in the UK. I accidentally ran into her one day and we were together for a bit. Even thought I had my tough times by getting fired by the BBC and the things my ex-roommate Ringo Starr did to me; Cilla was there and during our time together she…she…*Mike Check sobs a little*

Mike Check’s Daughter: Wikipedia says that Cilla Black became a great TV Host in the UK so you might had rubbed off on her Dad.

Mike Check: Nah I never slept with her Darlin’ because she was one of those fillies that you respected. *Mike Check sobs* First “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and now Cilla Black. I’m just gonna play “You’re My World” from her right here on–I just can’t do it.


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