Last Night A DJ Saved My Life by Indeep

Mike Check: Weeelll fellers! Ole Mike prevented Judgement Day yesterday by playing those songs from those Harold Swatzenhimer, or whatever that feller’s name is, films every Wednesday this month. And you could say that this “DJ”…(*knock on the door*) Now what is it?

*Door opens and its the T-800 holding a gun to Mike Check’s head*

Mike Check: What the?! I thought you…how many of you robot fellers are there?

T-800: Skynet knows that you had previous interactions with this T-800 model so I was programmed to keep you occupied in order to succeed with its main goal of putting Terminator programming into WWE video games so Judgment Day can happen. (*cocks the gun ready to fire*) Hasta La Vista…

Mike Check’s Daughter (*from another part of the house*): Dad, is that who I think it is?!?

T-800: Hasta La…Hasta La…Hasta La Vista-Vista-Vista (*T-800 starts to glitch*)

Mike Check: You okay there feller?

T-800: It is against my programming but must…self…terminate. Can’t be near-near-near-near (*T-800 walks off*)

Mike Check’s Daughter (*now next to Mike Check*): Wait! Come back! We can have some more fun! WAIT?!?

Mike Check: Now darlin’ it’s best not to judge that feller there since we’ve seen so much of him. I think he’s on the way bit mental. Like that time back in the south when I was…

*They hear an explosion and Mike Check’s daughter starts to cry*

Mike Check: There-there darlin’.

Mike Check: Where was I? Oh yeah. You could say that this “DJ” saved your feller’s lives from “Indeep” trouble. Although I couldn’t save my Daughter’s broken heart because she’s sad that muscular cyber-chronic robot feller will not “be back”…(*Mike Check shakes his head while a giant mushroom cloud is seen in the distance*) Fascinating. Maybe today’s song will cheer her up?


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