We Fight For Love by Power Station

Mike Check: Although today ain’t Wednesday fellers, here’s a bonus s…

(*phone rings*)

Mike Check: Hold on, (*picks up phone*) KMCR, Mike Check speaking?

???: Hello sweetheart how are you? It’s so nice to hear your voice.

Mike Check: Sweetheart? I think you have the wrong number there feller?

???: Who are you?

Mike Check: It’s Mike Check here. And why are you asking my name when you called me feller?

???: Whatever your name is. Get ready for the big surprise.

Mike Check: Surprise? And what might that be feller?

???: Listen to me very carefully. Close your eyes, stay flat and don’t move.

Mike Check: Okay feller and now what?

???: Your clothes, give them to me, now! You want to fuck with me! Let’s do it.

Mike Check: Hey hold on a minute there feller! I’m not of that persuasion, let me tell you!

???: C’mon, don’t bullshit me! C’mon baby you now you’re the girl of my dreams?

Mike Check: Feller, I’m gonna hang up on you right now!

???: I don’t really like you, right. You’ve brought me nothing but pain. You think I would marry someone so stupid that that doesn’t know the real voice from the taped one…

Mike Check: (*hangs up the phone*) Darlin’! Are doing one of your prank calls again?

Mike’s Daughter: (*laughs*) I got you again didn’t I dad? You thought that Arnold Schwarzenegger was in love with you?

Mike Check: For a minute there, ole Mike thought that feller was gonna “Fight For Love” here on THE MACKER!


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