Big Gun by AC/DC

(*knock at the front door*)

Mike Check: (*opens half broken door and sees the T-800 Terminator*) Well I see you’re back feller to fix my front door and…Hey, what do you think you’re doing here looking like that feller?!?!

Mike’s Daughter: What’s all the commotion dad? Ahhh! (*she becomes stunned when she realizes that the T-800 is wearing only his “birthday suit”*)

Mike Check: (*covers his daughter’s eyes*) Hey there feller, put some clothes on! My daughter and the whole neighborhood doesn’t need to see your “big gun” pointing for all to see. And why do you look younger and more muscular than I remember?

Mike’s Daughter: Who cares, can I keep him dad?

Mike Check: No! (*pokes “Young T-800’s” chest*) But I think this feller better fix…(*Mike gags while the young T-800 is choking him with one hand*)

Young T-800: Your clothes, give them to me, now!

(*Mike’s daughter screams but then hears the voice of the older T-800, from the week before, from a distance*)

T-800: You won’t be needing any clothes…(*emerges with a grenade launcher*) I’ve been waiting for you! (*blows up younger T-800*).

Mike Check: Thanks again there feller. Now will you put your “big gun” away and fix my door?

T-800: No problemo.

Mike’s Daughter: And maybe later you can get out your “big gun” again later and fix “my door”?

T-800: I need a vacation.


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