I Want A Tall Skinny Papa by Sister Rosetta Tharpe

*knocking on the door*

Mike Check’s Daughter: Coming! *opens door*

*outside the door is a mysterious woman and a little boy*

Woman: *shoves boy to Mike Check’s Daughter* Take him, he’s yours!

Mike Check’s Daughter: Hey wait a minute! *The woman gets in her car and takes off* OK this is odd. Little boy do you
know where your parents are?

Boy: Daddy dropped me off at that lady’s place a few days ago.

Mike Check’s Daughter: Aw that’s so sad. You wanna go inside to get a drink?

Boy: Ok lady.

Mike Check’s Daughter: Dad we got a little problem here! Some crazy lady left a little boy here–what’s your name dear?

Boy: Jake.

Mike Check: Darlin’ what’s going on n–Oh NO!

*Jake kicks Mike Check in the groin*

Mike Check’s Daughter: Shame on you! Who do you think you are?

Boy: Jake Lloyd Jr! Yippee!!!

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