Back In Time by Huey Lewis and The News

(*knock at the front door*)

Mike Check: (*opens door*) Well hello there…feller?

Mike Check: Strange, where did that laughter come from?

Mike’s Daughter: That laughter sounded like Huey The Wrestlecrap Radio Ghoul who appeared on the show April last year.

Mike Check: Well I don’t see anyone out here, just “three” wet skateboards with no wheels left out on our porch? Maybe it was left there by that Jimmy Ace that Angry John feller hates?

Mike’s Daughter: No, I said it was probably “Huey The Ghoul” and those “three” skateboards looks like those “Hover-boards” from the movie “Back To The Future”?! I guess, I don’t know, he’s laughing and pranking us about Angry Jim’s co-hosting, and our recent “Triple H” references, tanking our ratings?

Mike Check: (*still looking outside confused*) But I don’t see this “Triple Huey Lewis” feller that was laughing at ole Mike out here?

Mike’s Daughter: Are you even listening to what I’m saying!? Anyway, maybe even Doc Brown accidentally left them out here when he visited us from the future?

Mike Check: Doc!? (*grabs baseball bat*) That “Doctor What” feller is back ain’t he?!

Mike’s Daughter: I think you mean “Doctor Who”.

Mike Check: Doctor Huey?

Mike’s Daughter: No! Doctor…(*sigh*) Now I’m confused! Forget it Dad, you’re not listening to me anyway!

Mike Check: Hush darlin. I don’t know where this “Triple-Doctor-Huey-Lewis-From-The-Future” or whatever he’s called, is but maybe he’s gone “Back In Time” here on THE MACKER!

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