I Am The Doctor by Jon Pertwee

Mike’s Daughter: Well things have calmed down for awhile. No Robocops, sexy “cybernetic organisms” *sigh*, or weird scient-*sounds of VWOORP-VWOORP can be heard from outside* AUGH! Spoke too soon.

*As Mike Check opens the front door, an elder looking Scottish man pushes Mike Check out of the way*

???: Don’t have time for any of this.

???: Doctor! At least have some manners when entering a–Uh Hi. I’m Clara *shakes Mike Check’s hand* And you are…

Mike Check: Mike Check you pretty filly. Out of all the weirdness that’s been going on for awhile you are definitely the most…fascinating. Why don’t we go back in my room and I’ll tell about the time me and Mick Jagger–

“Doctor”: Mick Jagger never did anything right! Now will you please shut up! I’m trying to find this anomaly.

Mike Check (To “Doctor”): Well your never going to find anything with that Type 3 Cheap Sonic Screwdriver you got there. You might as well use it to make a chair.

*Everybody stops for a bit and looks at Mike Check*

Mike’s Daughter: Uh…Dad?

“Doctor”: How…did you know this *shows Mike Check the Screwdriver* is a Sonic Screwdriver?

Mike Check: Everybody knows its a Sonic Screwdriver. *grabs the sonic from “Doctor”* See? Cheap. *tinkers with the sonic* There. Use setting 42 after twisting this dial…there. It should work.

*”Doctor” uses the Sonic Screwdriver to find the cause of this mess, one of Triple H’s Sledgehammers hidden away*

“Doctor”: I’ll be taking that now but I got some questions. How do you know about Time Lord technology?

Mike Check: You know what I am? Mad as heck! *grabs a baseball bat* Mad as heck! Go on! Git! Get outta my home!

*Mike Check swings his bat to get “Doctor” and Clara to chase them out of his home.*

Mike Check: Lousy no good son-of-a…He was trying to ruin my game on getting me that filly!

Mike’s Daughter: Uh…Dad? How did you know about what that guy was doing?

Mike Check: Know about what?

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