Doubleback by ZZ Top

*Loud Thunder comes from outside The Mike Check Home*

Mike Check: Now what is going on this time?!? First that Robot cop feller breaks my door down, then that T-whatever feller comes in and nearly wrecks the place–

Mike’s Daughter: Yeah I know. I missed the T-800 too. I especially missed his big…long…hard…gun and how luscious it is

Mike Check: Yeah that gun he used to blow that other guy apart was purt near darn special.

*furious knocks at the door*

Mike Check: All right-all right! I’m a comin’

*Mike Check opens the door and its Doc Brown from the “Back To The Future” movies.*

Doc Brown: Phil listen to me! We got to go Back To The Future! Triple H seriously screwed up the WWE like you predicted. That doofus screwed up so bad that your needed right now. Let’s go!

Mike Check: Whoa there partner! My name is Mike Check. Not this Phil feller.

Doc Brown: Your not Phil Brooks?

Mike’s Daughter: You think my dad is CM Punk?!? CM Punk is in Chicago writing for Marvel on Drax The Destroyer. This is Folsom, California.

Mike Check: Is he any relation to that BM Punk feller you told me about?

Mike’ Daughter: Oh Hell No!

Doc Brown: My mistake. Sorry about that. *Doc Brown gets back into his DeLorean and takes off into the Future.*

Mike’s Daughter: Was that a–?

Mike Check: Darn near weird car there. Must be one of them electric cars you keep telling me about. Well come on now. Lets Doubleback in the home now. KMCR can’t run by itself.

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