The World May Not Like Me by Mike Angelo and The Idols (EXPLICIT)

Mike Check: Well my lawyers were a little upset that the Denis Leary song from yesterday wasn’t in fact censored, becuase this is a family show after all. And my daughter tells me, who is one hell of a whiz-kid let me tell you, has even censored your language since you’ve been on here this month.

Angry Jim: What the **** **** do you **** mean?! Go **** yourself!

Mike Check: Yep, she’s definitely a whiz-kid alright. So Jim, do you know something more appropriate for The Mike Check Show there?

Angry Jim: I know a song that was once covered by a rassler called “Rowdy” Roddy Piper!

Mike Check: Good Jim. That sounds better already and I seem to remember that I once played “For Everybody” by him a couple of years ago here on The Mike Check Show.

Angry Jim: Well Mike, you can shove your censorship up your *** with this:

Mike Check: Oh no, my lawyers are not going to like this one bit šŸ˜¦

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