Beef Jerky by John Lennon

Mike Check: Does your BBQ business sell Beef Jerky there John?

Angry Jim: By Gawd! It’s J.I.M.! JIIIM! And of course it **** well does! I even sell Turkey Jerky! Actually, any meat can be “jerked”, you name it I’ve jerked it!

Mike Check: Well speaking of “Beef Jerky”, here’s a rare song by John Lennon, a talented musician unlike his former bandmate Ringo Star. Why those fellers from the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame are giving that no talent hack the Award for Musical Excellence, I don’t know? Did I ever tell you Jim about the time Ringo…

Angry Jim: No! Shut the **** up Mike and play the **** song!

Mike Check: Ah, well, speaking of “Jerk”, here’s “Beef Jerky” here on THE WHACKER!

Angry Jim: Are you calling me a Jerk?!

Mike Check: No. I meant…

Angry Jim: Go **** yourself!

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