Struttin With Some Barbecue by Louis Armstrong

Mike Check: So I understand that you have other interests other than wrestling there John?

Angry Jim: I’m telling you! It’s JIIIM!

Mike Check: Forgive me again.

Angry Jim: Yes, I have a BBQ Sauce business where I sell the best gawd **** BBQ sauce in the world! I also have an employee called Hollywood John Tatum…uh no I fired that *******, I mean former NWA announcer Bob Caudel who, when not b****ing about his arthritis, makes my sauce and beats my meat! Once the meat is tenderized, I usually BBQ it out on the porch! Sometimes I would strut naked to this Louis Armstrong song to turn my wife on…but I don’t do that any more since the **** cops keep arresting me for indecent exposure!

Mike Check: …Fascinating.

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