Automatic Lover by Dee D. Jackson

Mike Check: I don’t know what to make of this fellers but some Japanese feller know as Jimichiro Rosshu has sent me this message:

“Konichiwa Check-san. I am Jimichiro Rosshu, one of 40 assistant manager of Fukya Selfy Robotics and owner of far superior Resucrapuadio website. Even in younger age I build robots, still even better than inferior Trolla Corporation today. One of Jimichiro invention was “Automatic Lover” very popular around world. Robot feature in video music in 70’s and big hit in Japan. Dee D. Jackson great singing talent. But unfortunate dishonor and shame for Jimichiro that still need to use robot today for throbbing thing ever since suffer 10 years sexless from wife! It because she have once a month sex date with Johnny Ace-san behind back! I get you Ace-saaaaaaan!!! I choppy choppy your pee-pee with katina!!!”

…Er, thanks for that feller? Well I’m not sure I understand that particular reference there but I guess that was a song request? So for you fellers out there who spend their Valentine’s with a robot(?), here’s “Automatic Lover” by Dee D. Jackson here on THE MACKER!

(*phone rings*)

Mike Check: Oh no I hope it’s not that Hawkeye feller again? (*picks up phone*) Hello, KMCR?

Angry Jim: Good gawd almighty Mike! You’re playing a request from my **** Japanese cousin but none of my ZZ Top songs! F*** your show! I could play a better list of songs out of my ***! Go **** yourself?! (*phone hangs up*)

Mike Check: Sorry about that caller there fellers, he was a very…very…very…angry man.

Mike’s Daughter: I think I’ve got an idea for April dad?

Mike Check: What’s that dear?

Mike’s Daughter: Oh nothing. But I may be making a trip to Oklahoma shortly 😉


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