Speaking From the Heart by “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Mike Check: Here’s a song by this year’s Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer: The Macho Man. I wonder if that Village People song is about him?

Mike’s Daughter: No and no Dad! He’s going to be a W.W.E. Hall of Famer.

Mike Check: What’s W.W.E?

Mike’s Daughter: You know, the wrestling show?

Mike Check: Is that like the WWWF or that T and A that I used to correspond to RJ and Brad about on WWCR?

Mike’s Daughter: (*sigh*) Yes Dad, something like that.

Mike Check: Well ole Mike doesn’t know all the things that the kids are into these days, but what I do know is that the Macho Man is “Speaking From the Heart” today here on…THE MACKER!

Mike’s Daughter: Speaking of Hall of Fame’s Dad, do you know who they’re honoring in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame this year?

Mike Check: Who darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: Ringo Starr.

Mike Check: (*silent*)

Mike’s Daughter: Dad? You’re awfully quite for once??

Mike Check: Hush darlin’. Ole Mike doesn’t want to get thrown off the air for “Speaking from the Heart”, let me tell you.

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